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Cedar Wood Iris Gift Suncatcher - ArtwoodIreland - 1
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Cedar Wood Iris Gift Suncatcher

€ 39.00
  • Unique Irish Cedar Wood and Crystal Iris Suncatcher. Made in Ireland. Ships free to US 5-7 days. Dispatched next day!
  • Makes a perfect gift for any age or occasion, especially new baby, christening gift or baby shower gift, remembrances, birthdays, weddings and Mother's day.
  • Crystals used are Swarovski, Egyptian Asfour or Czech Preciosa.
  • Angel / Fairy is made up of 30mm Egyptian Asfour crystal prism (body) Tibetan silver wings and 14mm Asfour crystal prism (head) and Preciosa crown.
  • Wood: 7" High x 5" wide (Irish Cedar)
  • When in direct sunlight the crystals act as a prism and produce a wonderful array of rainbows on your walls.
  • Each piece is finished with 8-12 coats of danish oil (depending on absorbency of wood) to what we believe is the perfect sheen.
  • The above image is a sample. The characteristics of each piece of wood will vary slightly. We are very conscious of making sure that each and every piece is of equal natural beauty.
    Please note the video is of a Large Moon Suncatcher.
  • Why not add that personal touch and order a Personalised Suncatcher here? 

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