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Personalised 3 Ring Spalted Beech Suncatcher
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Personalised 3 Ring Spalted Beech Suncatcher

€ 90.00
  • Unique Wood and Crystal Moon Suncatcher. Made in Ireland. Ships free to US 5-7 days. Dispatched next day!
  • Crystals used are Swarovski or Egyptian Asfour. 5 x 10mm Asfour beads on the string.
  • Wood: Irish Spalted Beech. Outside Ring 7" (Diameter). Inside Ring (4" Diameter)
  • One piece of wood is used to create each piece so that the grain can be seen running through all the rings.
  • The individual rings spin independently of each other creating a spectacle of crystals and wood. 
  • When in direct sunlight the crystals act as a prism and produce a wonderful array of rainbows on your walls.
  • Each piece is finished with 8-12 coats of danish oil (depending on absorbency of wood) to what we believe is the perfect sheen.
  • The above image is a sample. The characteristics of each piece of wood will vary slightly. We are very conscious of making sure that each and every piece is of equal natural beauty. 
  • Makes a perfect gift for any age or occasion, especially new baby, christening gift or baby shower gift, remembrances, birthdays, weddings and Mother's day.

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